Wednesday, December 16, 2009

L@@K - 2 Foobies - NIB - W@W

Everything is coming along nicely. We stopped in to see the surgeon yesterday and make sure everything is on track. It is. We have an appointment in early January to have the final implants put in.

During every visit to the office, I would always look over at the various sample implants stacked over on the counter.  Sometimes I would get up and play with them (I don't think 'fondle' is the right word here).  I just figured Linda would be getting a pair of those.  So, yesterday, as we discussed everything with the surgeon, he handed me one.  When I said "So Linda is going to be getting some just like this?"  he kind of chuckled.  He said "No, that's the 300ml size.  Go grab one of those big ones off the shelf, the 400ml ones".  I did.  I was liking where this was going.  "Now add that to the 300ml one you have in your other hand.  That's 700ml.  That about right.".  Shwing!

Did you know each foobie has a serial number? I guess they use it for recalls and such. Recently however, much to the dismay of her husband, they were used to identify the remains of a missing person.  Linda said "There, you can't murder me now".  I told her the implants wouldn't survive the wood-chipper.

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You guys have the BEST Christmas ever John!