Monday, June 16, 2008


Okay, Facebook has really crappy blogging apps so I've chosen to use Blogger to write my blog, but have them imported into Facebook (where all my friends are) using notes. Let's hope this goes over well. This also let's me share with friends who refuse to join the Facebook Borg.

Knowing how un-anonymous the internet is, I'll try to keep this as anonymous as possible sticking to first names only and no kids names. If someone actually reads this and comments, please follow that rule of thumb. If you are here, you probably already know me anyways.

I've never 'blogged' before, or really shared my feeling publicly for that matter. A recent change in our life circumstances has prompted me to reach out and share our journey. Why blog? I hope it will be somewhat cathartic for me. I hope that someone, somewhere who is in the same situation can benefit from my experience and maybe help me get through this journey too. I also spend a good deal of time discussing our situation individually with friends and family and so hopefully this can act as a means for friends and family to stay up to date with how Linda, the kids and I are doing.

Today marks the 6 month anniversary of our life changing event, so my next post will chronicle how we got from Dec 13 '07 to Jun 13 '08.

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