Saturday, July 19, 2008

Terms of use

As expected, Linda gave me hell for the 'Post Op' post. Hahahaha. It's all good though.

I really appreciate all the positive comments I have received about my ramblings. It really does make me feel good and allows me to get some of this off my chest. One rule of thumb is that you can't talk to me in person about this blog. Emails and comments are fine (and welcome) as I am much more comfortable as a keyboard commando than I am in person. Seriously, I get pretty uncomfortable talking about this and am liable to run away screaming or start sobbing uncontrollably depending on the day. I'm sure you don't want that :)

I've almost caught up to 'present day' at which point my ramblings may get a bit more scattered and less composed as I'd have had less time to think about what I want to say. The blog dates will be more reflective of when I post as opposed to artificially back-dating the posts to get a top-down presentation and flow like I've done up until now.

Thanks again and keep reading...


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