Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Great Day

6 infusions of TAC .......... $48,000
12 infusions of EP .......... $96,000
days since first infusion.... 240
ringing the bell ............ priceless


John said...

That plaque reads:


For all the time that has passed since you first came to us,

For all the fears and doubts you have experienced along the way,

For all the days you felt so badly and had to sacrifice things you wanted or needed to do.

Looking back and looking ahead, TODAY is the day you have been working toward.

From all of us to you, may all your TOMORROWS be what is in your heart and dreams.

We celebrate today with you.


The staff of Texas Oncology Cancer Center

Ram said...

Sweet! Congratulations Linda and John! I am sure the sound of the bell was sweet! I was rooting for you guys to rip the bell, but that would have deprived others from ringing the bell!

Congratulations on your victory!

Love you both!


Jude said...

Yesssss! :-)