Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A tale of 2 husbands

A quick trivia question:

Your wife has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Do you?

a) bang your videographer
b) offer a $1,000,000,000 bounty on a cure for breast cancer

Former presidential hopeful John Edwards decided that the best way to deal with all the emotions that come along with being a breast cancer husband is to have sex with the woman who was documenting his presidential aspirations. The fact that he is a politician probably means he threw away his ethics long ago, but that doesn't excuse his actions. It is one thing to be a maggot in your professional life and another to be a maggot in your personal one. As much as I revile John Edwards, I can 'understand' his behavior. Surviving breast cancer exerts an enormous pressure on all aspects of your life, including your relationship with you wife, your relationship with others and your relationship with yourself. Bonds that are strong become stronger and bonds that are weak break. In a time of crisis, John Edwards chose to remain loyal to himself and satisfy is own insecurities as opposed to remaining loyal to his family who undoubtedly needed him more than ever. Sadly, having great moral character is no longer a requirement for becoming President, but I suspect his potential nod for veep has been compromised. The 24 news cycle has brought forward numerous talking heads discussing how common marital infidelity is during a health crisis. This may explain it, but definitely does not excuse it.

Mike Dewey on the other hand, a local business man, chose a more productive means to deal with his breast cancer crisis. He started a nonprofit foundation, The Dewey Foundation, and specifically offered a one billion dollar reward for a cure for breast cancer. It is called the Victory Project. You may question his ability to raise/offer $1B, but you can't question his devotion to his wife and family. Did some of the same thoughts and insecurities run through his mind at some point? Does he love his wife and family more than John Edwards? Is he a better person than John Edwards? Likely, yes, and yes. Thank you Mike Dewey for being a 'good guy'.

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