Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Linda's port was removed last Friday. Woohoo! In the cancer community, this is a graduation of sorts and quite an achievement. It's nice not to have that reminder there.

To celebrate 'Breast Cancer Awareness Month', Linda starts radiation therapy today. She was tattooed on Monday with permanent marker. She also took her first low-dose of Xeloda this morning. This will continue for the next 6 1/2 weeks. Let's hope she tolerates it well. She's been itching to get back to running but unfortunately, in order to keep the radiation alignment in check, she can't lose any weight for the next month and a half. I have no doubt she'll be running the San Antonio Rock n Roll marathon next year!


Jude said...

I remember the day an online friend of mine had her port removed, she said it felt like Freedom itself. Congrats to Linda, she's come such a long way!

Renee aka Goose said...


I found this on the web about the antioxidants.

I showed the Onc the supplements I wanted to take and she agree on all of them, except for Vitamin C. She just got a report from ACSO that Vit C in higher doses than 100% of daily requirements. Vitamine C protects our regular cells and the thought is that Vitamin C would protect the cancer cells.