Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Getting our groove back

With less than 5 weeks left in Linda's treatment, things are going very well. Still some tingling in her hands and feet, some general muscle aches, some redness around the irradiated areas and she has some difficulty getting to sleep. Aside from that, our day to day routine is just that...routine. Work, kids, school, cub scouts, football, camping, Halloween decorations...ahhh the beauty of routine. You really don't miss it until it is gone.

Unlike my hometown, where camping is restricted to 3 months of the year, Texas offers camping 12 months of the year (although it is really too hot to enjoy camping in July & August). In years past, we have camped up to 22 times in a year, almost every other weekend. It is our family time free from life's distractions. Our youngest was camping at 6 weeks old. Camping is definitely our thing. The past year has only given us 1 opportunity and that was even limited because Linda had just finished her first chemo cycle. We booked camping for this weekend and I can't be more excited. Cool nights, campfires, hikes, smores and a cold beer for Dad. Oh yeah!

One thing I've learned over the past year is to not take my health for granted. I've been lucky (genetically or otherwise) this far, but I'm sure the next 40 years will be tougher than the last 40 years. So midway through Linda's treatment I started training. Training for what? Nothing in particular, just to be fit. It is my job, after all is said and done, to take care of my family. I can't do that if I can't take care of myself. 1 hour/day, 5 days/week is not that much but makes a huge difference to my mental and physical well-being. When Linda resumes her running, it'll be one more thing we can share and that's always a good thing.

An important change in me, at least psychologically, is the ability to concentrate at work once again. It is not there 100% yet, but at least I am not a zombie anymore, and as our company achieves more successes, I can feel the energy coming back. I have been blessed with a truly unique company and in particular, an incredible CEO who understands that a company is not simply a collection of people, but really an extended family. My extended family. Our extended family. I am surrounded by the best friends and colleagues anyone could ask for and I owe them a debt of gratitude for their understanding and compassion over the past year. Y'all rock!


Jude said...

That's a blessing that life is slowly returning to "normal" for you both again John! :-)

Hugs to you both!

Renee aka Goose said...


It's great to read of Linda's progress in this cancer journey. Isn't it great to look back at the months and see how far you both have come - from the fear to the victorious state of mind.

I so enjoy reading your blog to see the husband/caregiver side of things. Both Linda and I are very fortunate to have good men in our lives!