Monday, July 6, 2009

Carpe Aestas!

We had a great Fourth of July weekend. It was quieter than usual but that's just fine. We waited until Sunday to tell the kids about the recurrence. Considering the tears, sadness and fear we experienced this first time around (all of us included), I wasn't looking forward to it. They took the news extremely well and only had a couple questions. Kids are far more resilient than we give them credit for. Honestly, my son was more interested in the episode of iCarly playing in the family room. Their handling of the situation is a testament to Linda's strength and courage during her previous treatments. Aside from a lack of hair and a few down days every 3 weeks, their Mommy was engaged full time in their lives. I don't expect the next few months will prove any different.

We will be meeting with Linda's oncologist this week and will have a better understanding of the recurrence's profile (hormone receptor status and cell histology etc). Linda has been busy today setting up appointments to interview surgeons. Each surgeon has their own preferred technique and each technique has its pros and cons...and here I thought we were experts in breast one told me there was a Vol. 2.

Once again we were touched by all the words of encouragement from family and friends. It took me 6 months to start writing about this journey the first time through and only 1 day to post an update this time. This blog is an important part of my therapy. Your prayers and positives thoughts really do make a difference in our lives. Thank you.

There is a good chance we won't be in active treatment until later this month which gives us an opportunity to enjoy more of this great summer. Carpe Aestas!


Charles said...

Carpe all you can. I'll run interference.


Jude said...

My prayers have got Linda's back! As I don't have your email address I emailed something to Lexy and asked her to pass it along to you. Just got it yesterday from another friend, it's rather interesting!

carguy said...

For what this is worth, I have read your entire Blog and I want you to know that it has really helped me alot. My wife has just started her chemo treatment and was sick as a dog this weekend (1%er!), it breaks my heart to see her like this. This is a recurrence for us, the first round was just tamoxifen and radiation...then 4yrs later here we are! If you made it thru once you will make it thru again, Be Strong..Good Luck and God Bless

Ann said...

The two of you amaze me. I'm basically self employed now so if you need anything (rides, running kiddos, food) please call. My schedule is flexible. If you don't have my number, Charles does.