Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Save it for a rainy day

We've all heard of that expression, and many of us live by it. What kind of bullshit advice is that? First off, why would I save for a rainy day? Wouldn't I want to save for a sunny day? Second, if it is considered a bad habit to procrastinate and put off things we DON'T want to do, why is it that we see value in putting off the things we DO want to, or saving money for our old age. If you are lucky enough to see 'old age', and believe me there are no guarantees, you may just find that you are too friggin' old to enjoy the things you always wanted to do. For every 75 year-old tennis playing grandma, I'll show you 10 bitter old men with bad knees or wives caring for their incapacitated husbands. Your golden years are NOW, not some mythical retirement age. Live it, enjoy it, now.

Is this a mid-life crisis? Crisis...no...mid-life...I can only hope. I turn 40 this week and that is very cool. I love my life and all those who share it with me, but I know all too well how fragile all this is. No regrets.

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Jude said...

Great post John! I agree, life is too short, we should live in the moment! Blessings to you and Linda. :-)