Friday, August 28, 2009

...and the survey says?

No more chemo!

Dr H, who is very aggressive in her treatment and her 'expert' second opinion in Dallas, who is also aggressive, both concluded that the risks of more chemo outweigh the benefits.

The fact that:

the tumor was small
the tumor hadn't metastasized to the lymph nodes
the tumor hadn't spread to surrounding breast tissue (no vascular invasion)
all ductal breast tissue has been removed (on both sides)
the recurrent tumor had shown a tendency to stay in the breast (which is all gone now)
Linda had a clean bone scan
Linda had a clean CAT scan
Linda had a clean PET scan
and likely several other medical factors all led us to that decision.

So now, we can focus on her recovery and reconstruction and we can try and get back to where we were on July 1 of this year. Living life, loving life and appreciating all the beautiful things and people that surround us.


Jude said...

I'm loving the results and I'm loving your picture. Excellent!

John said...

Thanks Jude :)