Thursday, September 4, 2008

You booked your PET scan for what day?

September is a busy month around our household. In addition to new school year activities, both kids have their birthdays in September (Linda is usually in a very festive spirit around Christmas, I'll let you do the math...LOL), and we celebrate our wedding anniversary (13 years) in September also. So that's 3 days out of the month that are off the table for appointments. That leaves 27 perfectly good days to schedule a PET scan. Sept 8th, great, Sept 14, that'd be perfect, Sept 15, fantastic. So when did Linda schedule her PET scan?.....9/11. Uhhhg!

So...for us, September 11th will no longer be a day of sadness but we plan for a day of celebration. The 1st annual 'Clear PET Scan' day.

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