Saturday, September 6, 2008

You go girl!

Linda attended her support group this week (for young breast cancer survivors) and was saddened to find out her friend, who is a stage IV survivor, discovered brain lesions after noticing some facial numbness. After further discussion with her group, it was revealed that IF triple negative (ER-, PR-, HER2-) breast cancers spread, they statistically tend to metastasize in the brain.

The next day, Linda was at the oncologist's office demanding a brain scan as part of next week's lab work. A PET scan covers the body from the neck down and does not include the head. A separate scan is needed for the head and not typically done unless symptoms exist. Linda left the office with an order for a brain scan on the same day as her PET scan (September 11).

Firstly, I'm glad Linda is back with her group. I can notice a positive change in her demeanor when she attends these meetings. Over the past few months they have occurred during her low cycle and she was unable to attend. She was on her feet for this one and it sure made a difference. Secondly, I am extremely proud of her for taking control of her treatment. She was not taking NO for an answer and was not leaving that office without a brain scan order. Slowly but surely I'm getting my Linda back. You rock babe!

Linda's friend needs your help. Please send your prayers and positive thoughts her way and let's help her get through this difficult time. Thank you.

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